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Monday, October 14, 2019

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Texecom Cloud Service

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Texecom Cloud Service

The Benefits of the TCS

If our Customer, or their insurers, requires a maintenance contract for their alarm system - we have a comprehensive maintenance package that is very competitively priced. This includes one site visit per year for unmonitored systems, or 2 site visits per year for monitored systems. Now, with the Texecom Cloud Service (TCS) we can use it's built in remote maintenance feature, reducing the need for one visit on monitored systems, giving a saving on maintenance fees.

For audible only systems (unmonitored) we can use the Health Check feature to regularly monitor your system to ensure correct operation - all remotely, with no disruption. This helps give piece of mind that the system is operating correctly and ready to respond if ever needed.

Remote maintenance and health checking consists of the following:

A) System Tests: Last Arm / disarm, time / date, faults in logs
B) Zone Tests: Tamper, faults, masked, soak test, isolated, non-activated
C) Voltages and currents: Panel supply, panel output, panel current, battery voltage and status, expander voltage.
D) Warning devices and communication: Battery

Another benefit of the comprehensive TCS is that the Customer can download the free app onto their smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android), giving control of their alarm system remotely and receiving push notifications of system events.

As you would expect, security of the remote connection is encrypted and only authorised devices can connect. Adding devices can only be done by the 'Master User' generating an App Code. This gives full control to the Customer on who and what devices connections will be allowed on. For further details on Texecom Connect, please see this article: 

If you are thinking about having an intruder alarm installed, or updated, please do not hesitate to give us a call to learn more, We provide a free quotation that will be competitively priced.
We are a registered company with the SSAIB (you can check on they website here: and then select Intruder Alarm Systems in the Scheme drop down box).

With the comprehensive range of products available, a system can be wired, wireless, or a combination of both (hybrid) - this allows easy updating of older systems and adding additional protection in other areas becomes easy. All Texecom products are covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

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