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Monday, December 9, 2019

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Dell, "PowerEdges" Customers recording and playback

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Dell, "PowerEdges" Customers recording and playback

PowerEdge R530

GuyTec has finished replacing a Customer's aging CCTV recording server for a new Dell PowerEdge R530 rack mounted server, specified and supplied by us. Mains power to the R530 is regulated via a Dell 1500VA smart UPS which gave an onload run time of 77 mins before an automatically controlled shutdown of the server, with 5 minutes of battery remaining.

At the heart of the system now lies Axis Camera Station 5. A leading Video Management Software solution by Axis Communications.
This is a fully featured VMS, perfect for businesses of any size. Axis Secure Remote viewing delivers those images right to our Customer's hand, on his smartphone, when he needs them.

Various cameras stream the images up to the R530, along the large network, which includes an array of switches, Cat5e cabling and a 120M dual fibre link.
Amongst the cameras are 4 of the very impressive Axis P1428-E external bullet type cameras, delivering a crisp 4K image at up to 50 Mbps each, and with the power of the R530, every frame is captured. Playback and exporting is made extremely easy with Axis Camera Station 5.

Using the available design tools and calculators, and as an Axis Channel Partner having undertaken the Axis Professional Certification Program, our Customer was safe in the knowledge that nothing was left to chance, and the system meets his high performance requirements, on budget, with a fully documented system.

Tech Spec's:

  • Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 2.1GHz, 20M Cache, 8C/16T dual processors
  • 2 x 32GB RDIMM, x4 Data Width
  • 4 x 1gb NIC
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard operating system on a 480GB SSD
  • Axis Camera Station 5
  • 3 x 8TB, 7.2K RPM, SAS, 3.5in form factor and 4 X 3 x 4TB, 7.2K RPM, SAS, 3.5in form factor giving 40Tb of storage capacity.

Using the H264 codec, bandwidth to recording server was calculated at 168 Mbps, dealt with by the 7 x 7.2K RPM Serial Attached Small Computer System Interface hard drives.

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