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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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AXIS License Plate Verifier

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AXIS License Plate Verifier

AXIS License Plate Verifier is an analytic application that can be embedded on certain AXIS cameras, like the P1445-LE and at it's most basic it can be used to monitor an entrance recording all vehicle number plates that enters or leaves, complete with a snapshot, time/date stamp and direction of travel. The event history can be searched and even exported in CSV format for use with Microsoft Excel or similar.

By adding an AXIS I/O relay module to the system and you have a basic reliable standalone vehicle entry system that can integrate with existing automated barriers or gates.

Further integration and control features can be added by an AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller.

White and black lists can support up to 1000 number plates each, and could be further used to control access, or send notifications. The application integrates with the camera’s event management system, so email notifications for example can be sent should a registration number on either list be recognised.

The camera can be added in to AXIS Camera Station and the app used to trigger a recording - providing further evidence if required.

Please contact us to learn more. We have a demonstration system that can be shown to interested parties.

Video demo of AXIS License Plate Verifier.

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