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Alarm Maintenance
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Intruder Alarm Maintenance

Maintenance program for Intruder Alarm Systems installed in Residential Properties


Regular maintenance of your Intruder Alarm System is essential to keep it in good working order and gives the owner peace of mind that the system is ready to respond if ever needed.

Our comprehensive maintenance program is design to give you that peace of mind and complies with BS 9263:2016
For Residential Customers without monitoring, one visit per annum is required, and will consist of the following:

  • That the installed system meets the as-fitted document
  • Tamper Detection
  • Setting and Unsetting
  • Entry and Exit Procedures
  • Power Supplies, Including any APS
  • Functioning of Detectors and Hold-up Devices
  • Environmental Conditions for adverse effects
  • Operation of Warning Devices
  • Operation of ATS (all paths)
  • Visual Inspection for potential problems (Electrical and Physical)

All findings and readings are documented on our maintenance sheets, and a report on the condition of your system made to you.
For wireless systems, we don't just blanket change batteries - we test them to see if a new one is required!

As an additional benefit for our Customers that take out maintenance contracts, we do not charge a call-out fee should an issue arise and an unscheduled Engineer visit is required.

An annual maintenance plan starts from the commisioning date (or take-over date) and is priced from as little as £60.00 +VAT. (subject to system, and terms and conditions).

Health Checks

Knowing that your security system is functional, operational and performing is a crucial part of any professional security system installation and adds valued piece of mind.
With the Texecom Cloud Service, regular remote health checks on your system, done remotely and securely, gives you that piece of mind. The Health Check monitors your system at your chosen interval level to ensure correct operation, and to detect any issues before they become a problem, keeping your system healthy and in service for your continued use and protection.

We can offer health checks for Customers with maintenance contracts with Texecom Systems for a small additional annual fee as follows:

  • 6 monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

Once the check has been completed, a report is then emailed over to you with a summary of the tests carried out and pass or fail conclusion. Should any item fail the health check, we are able to see further details in the Cloud service, and discuss with you a course of action, if required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about the health checks, see example reports, or we can even show you a demonstration at our Office.

Firmware updates

From time to time Manufacturers release firmware updates. These updates improve system efficiency, stability, security, and functionality.

Having the latest firmware release is normally always recomended, but it will not effect the current preformance of your system if you do not. We keep a track of updates for our Customers in the Customers Portal, listing what has improved. This allows our Customers to make an informed choice on whether to have an update or not.

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