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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Security solutions manufactured by Texecom

We install security solutions for your Home or Business from Texecom.

  • Premier Elite Series
  • Premier Elite Keypads
  • Texecom Connect
  • Ricochet Mesh Network
Premier Elite Series represents the most advanced electronic security solutions Texecom has to offer. These products are designed to protect installations where design flexibility, product performance and integrated solutions are a priority.

Secure, remote upload/download feature when used with Connect, for maintenance and diagnostics purposes helping to reduce Engineer site visits.

Wired. Wireless. Hybrid Premier Elite
The Premier Elite range of blue-backlight LCD keypads excels in any surroundings. With stunning looks and features to match, experience nothing but the very best in keypad design. Keypad
Interact, control and integrate your Texecom security system like never before.
Texecom Connect opens a new world of possibilities for Texecom security systems. For too long, security systems have been separated and isolated from the outside world - only providing information when the worst happens, confusing and intimidating the very people who use them and lacking connectivity and compatibility with external systems that could benefit from the intelligence and information contained within. Connect
Introducing the next generation of wireless security, Ricochet mesh networking wireless technology delivers more performance than any other wireless security system.

Ricochet enabled wireless devices receive and repeat wireless transmissions from other devices. The size, scalability and range of the entire system are extended as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to-point communications.

The range of a Ricochet enabled wireless system is greater than previous systems, with multiple devices capable of relaying messages to and from even the most remote locations in a building. Ricochet
Texecom Cloud Service Read more

Texecom Cloud Service

Knowing that a security system is functional, operational and performing is a crucial part of any professional security system installation.

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