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Home Security
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Security solutions manufactured by Orisec

We install security solutions for your Home or Business from Orisec.

  • Touch Keypads
  • Detectors
  • Keyfobs
  • Control Panels
Full colour touch screen keypad. Sleek low profile design in a chice of 5 finishes. Easy to navigate menu structure with integrated help file. Touch Keypad
A range of accurate detectors, standard PIR, Quad, Dual Technology for superior performance and improved false alarm immunity.
Small discrete Shock Detectors with Magnetic Contact option.
Grade 2 or 3 options. Detectors
Two and four button Keyfobs with multi-colour LEDs.
Proximity Tags and also NFC stickers also available to stick in your mobile phone case. Keyfobs
Wired, wireless and hybrid options, Grade 3.

Full completment of expanders, communication modules and assessories for total protection.


Simple, stylish, and easy to use



Coming soon...


Each model in the smoke and heat detector range can operate as a standalone detector with an integrated sounder. They can also be interlinked so that all detectors will souind in the event of a fire. Furthermore the detectors may be integrated with Orisec wireless devices so that activations can be reported via the control panel to a monitoring station, or to the mobile phone app.


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