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Business Security
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Axis Camera Application Platform

The Axis Camera Application Platform allows the installation of analytics and other applications to meet specific security and business requirements.

AXIS Camera Application Platform

This is an open source platform giving software developers the ability to create applications that embed directly onto Axis products to preform analysis of live and recorded video, meeting specific security and business requiements. Beyond security, these applications can provide valuable data to businesses, allowing them to make informed descisions to improve sales, prevent losses, and increase profits.

AXIS Store Optimization Suite

  • AXIS People Counter
    An automated system that enables simultaneous two-way counting of people moving in and out of an entrance way.
  • AXIS Queue Monitor
    Monitors for queues in real time, alerting Staff when they exceed the set threshold, and gives through the day statistics.
  • AXIS Demographic Identifier
    Determines the gender of your customers and their approximate age range by detecting and analyzing the faces of store visitors on a running basis.
  • AXIS Occupancy Estimator
    Determine on average how many people are present in the building or in a certain area at different times of day.

AXIS Guard Suite

  • AXIS Fence Guard
    Set up virtual fences in a camera's field of view to protect an area from intrusion.
  • AXIS Loitering Guard
    Tracks moving objects such as people and vehicles, and triggers an alarm if they have been in a predefined area for too long.
  • AXIS Motion Guard
    Detects and triggers an alarm whenever an object, such as a person or vehicle, moves within predefined areas in a camera’s field of view.

AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ

Using the AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector with this free application, provides acuarate automatically controlled autotracking abilities for AXIS PTZ cameras. One or many PTZ cameras can be controlled along with zoom levels.

For more information on any of these applications or to discuss other possiblities, please contact us

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AXIS Fixed Box Camera
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