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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

AXIS Camera Station System as a Service

As an Authorised partner with Axis Communications, we are proud to be able to offer AXIS Camera Station System as a Service. Trouble free surveillance at a monthly cost, with zero start up costs

Trouble-free surveillance at a monthly fee

All you need to protect your premises

The AXIS range of recorders come with AXIS Camera Station to form the base of a validated end-to-end security and surveillance solution. Complement with cameras, other IP products, functionality to communicate with visitors and secure entrances plus audio devices for deterrence. Everything you need to secure your premises, create an overview to be used as evidence and help your business run smoothly.


  •  Zero start up costs

  •  Monthly payments

  •  Service & maintenance


Stay secure without feeling the cost

A complete security system with a monthly payment plan.

With zero start-up costs and monthly spread payments, you can have the fully maintained, high-quality surveillance system you need without having to invest upfront. Leaving more time and capital for your core business.

Fully maintained

Support when you need it. Peace of mind round the clock

With AXIS Camera Station as a Service, you get a maintenance package so you can rest assured your surveillance system will always work at full capacity. This includes:

  •  On-site service and maintenance

  •  Regular checks to your system by professionals with Axis training

  •  Remote, round the clock monitoring of your system

  •  Replacement parts

  •  We act fast if something needs replacing. Any part of your system will be replaced by equal or better performance

  •  Regular updates

  •  Automated and regular software and security updates.

How does it work?

Everything is taken care of by us, a professional partner trained by Axis Communications.
During the lease period you can rest assured that you get a high performing AXIS Camera Station surveillance and security system including cameras, accessories and other IP products meeting your requirements and expectations.

1. Professional System design using AXIS Site Designer, together with Risk Assessment and Operational Requirements

2. Calculation of monthly cost based on system design

3. Installation and system configuration

4. System training and hand over

4. Certified installation to current code of practice and a fully documented system

Enjoy trouble-free surveillance at a monthly fee!

Assurance of uptime and best performance

  •  24/7 system health monitoring to check current status and detect potential future issue.

  •  Continuous software and firmware updates for maximum system performance.

  •  Hardware replacement services, faulty product is always replaced with equal or better.

  •  On-site visits if require.

To learn more about AXIS Camera Station System as a Service, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us

Terms and conditions apply and finance is provided via Axis Communications finance partner and subject to status.

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