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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

CCTV for Business

Details of CCTV systems that we install for Businesses

AXIS Camera Station

AXIS Camera Station, video management software, is the ideal solution to meet the needs for efficient surveillance of small- and midsized installations, such as retail shops, hotels, schools and manufacturing sites – a proven solution with more than 50,000 installations worldwide. It is designed to perfectly match Axis' wide range of network video products and product features to optimize system reliability.

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AXIS Companion Line


AXIS Companion is a complete solution that brings the reliability of professional video surveillance to small business owners. You get affordable cameras to cover most common surveillance situations, a network video recorder to store video, an easily operated video management software and a secure remote access to your system from any location.

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Detection, Recognition, Identification



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Remote Locations

Adding a camera to a remote location, such as a field or barn, where their is no power source has always been problematic in the past. With advances in technology, keeping an eye on livestock or equipment can be achieved reliably and cost effectively using off-grid power packs and wireless transmission methods.

Total Cost of Ownership

Q60Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a well-established concept in many industries, not the least in IT. Building a cost-effective video surveillance system is a challenging task. There are many costs to consider, and also a lot of savings and benefits that can be hard to estimate.

Using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model can help capture all the costs associated with a video surveillance system over its complete lifecycle. In addition, a TCO is a necessary foundation to correctly estimate the value, or Return on Investment (ROI), of the system.

Whilst it is true that this is an essential consideration for larger systems, it applies to smaller scale CCTV system as well.

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Video demo of AXIS License Plate Verifier.

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CCTV signs

To help our Business Customers comply with the Data Protection Act, CCTV warning signs are...
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